Barley Water, Making Your Own

Does anyone make their own?

I found this recipe barley water

I am tempted with making something myself.


How to make an herbal tonic

I am interested in tonics as this is part of the course just now.

IMG-0268Something I’ve become very interested this year is making herbal tonics. I use herbs that have a healing effect on the body. I’ve always enjoyed herbal tea, so when I saw people start sharing their herbal tonics on social media, I knew I had to give it a try. They are very easy to make. I’m not an expert on herbalism, if you are looking for more information there is a lot you can find online.

First select your herb or herbal blend. I use organic loose leaf dried herbs that I get at either or Mountain Rose Herbs. These are some my favorite herbs to use – along with just a few of their healing properties:

  • Hibiscus – My very favorite, has a sour  taste and a beautiful red hue. Good for skin, vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and very healing for the liver.
  • Nettle – Bitter taste – helps…

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Chamomile Horse Treats


I am not one for using treats, but when I spotted chamomile ones – I got them for research purposes. 🙂

These are high fibre, low starch and low sugar. She actually only gets one after a session. Being winter that’s probably only three / four pieces a week. She isn’t on any feed.

She isn’t exactly going to spit one of these out. But they also do Turmeric and that’s a strong possibility!


The Library

I do feel slightly ‘left behind’ with technology. That’s apparently fine according to the book I have just read. The book I needed help to get out of the library in the first place.  🙂

I had started the blog to add things that pop up with the course. I think it’s safe to say I still prefer the old-fashioned way of study. Books, magazines and newspapers. I read articles online but as yet I haven’t used anything to source specifically with assignments.

The library was an interesting experience. My card no longer worked so I have a new one. You can now use computers for two hours for FREE I will be seriously considering dropping what I pay my service provider for. Assuming I can find my way around an actual computer!!!

They now have self service. You hold you card against the reader. Ok my brain can manage this. You then just put all the books under something and it reads all of them. That’s through the books for the code. My brain didn’t grasp that. You don’t need to open the books or do individually. That means the self service in food shops is out dated!!! Then a piece of paper prints out with the date due back. I’ve lost that, but you can check online, renew online.